ADAM TEA x 100 S
Adam Tea

Pure Ceylon Tea. Boxes of 100 Individually wrapped

Price: €2.72 


Flavor Tea

Flavour and Herbal Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) – The Country well known for its Quality of fine Tea. (Individually Wrapped)

Quality and Taste over Brand names – Saves you money, and Gives you better tea.


Green Tea – €1.16 box of 25
Lemon       – €1.16 box of 25
Peach        – €1.16 box of 25
Mint          – €1.16 box of 25
Chamomile – €1.16 box of 25


Catering Tea x 400 SM
Tea From Ceylon

Good Quality is our priority!

Pure Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) The largest Tea exporting country. Bag of 400

Price: €3.95