Hand & Body Liquid/Cream Products

Auraderm Bacteria HACCP

Auraderm Determani with ANTIBACTERIAL ( HACCP ) properties.

It combines a cleaning power to a biological action against the most common strains of bacteria and funghi. It’s active ingredient Triclosan, helps prevent the onset of bacterial contamination on hands.

Auraderm Determani is indicated for use in the sectors of: Food, Dairy, Fish, Hotels, and places where hygiene is imperative like: Schools, Hospitals, etc.
It has a pH 5.5

Plastic can of 5 Liters

Price: €9.70 + Vat / 5 Lt 


Anti-Sweat Advert Sm
Filmocream Anti Sweat Barrier Cream

For more info see the advert

Price: €9.25


Saturno Transparent

A formula especially designed for the frequent cleaning of the hands and body. With its balanced mix of natural plant surfactants from renewable sources, it has a value equal to that of the acidity of the skin. ( No Chemicals added )

Please note that this is ONLY for the Body, it is NOT a Shampoo.

It has a pH of 5.5

Price: €4.70 + Vat Can/5liters 


Dermolavamani Cream

Dermolavamani cream is made with only NATURAL AND VEGETABLE prime materials FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES. It is not aggressive but it effectively removes stubborn dirt from hands, allowing you to have a quick and deep cleansing.
This product is certified with Ecolabel by the EU through a path that meets all the key environmental aspects. It is easier to use it because of its Pump bottle.
It is good for all types of dirt.

Warning: Do not use on delicate parts of the body (face, under-arm and pubic areas). Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children

It has a pH of 5.5

Price: €13.55 + Vat : 5 Litres Plastic Tank