Cleaning and Detergants

Fibra Abrasive Sm

Fibra (Brillex)

Fibra (Brillex) Abrasive x 5 a pack

Price: €0.53/Selling €0.92 Vat Inc.



MetallicSmall (1)
Stainless Steel Sponge

Round Stainless Steel Sponge. Can be bought in units.

Price: €0.35 Each


Salvamani Small
Spugne Salvamani

It comes in a pack of 3

Price: €0.53/Selling €0.88 Vat Inc.


GreenFresh Tabs LA

Use 1 Tab every 3 days to keep your toilet clean, and smelling fresh. Box of 8 tabs

Price: €1.50/Selling €2.34 Vat Inc


El Leon Rojo Spray

We’ve added a “plus” of power to the devastating effect of León Rojo 750ml

  • Household/Hotels/Restaurants insecticide in aerosol form.
  • Especially suitable for flying insects.
  • Floral perfume.

Price: €2.30 Plus VAT : Compare our price with 400ml bottle


Panni x 2 Sm
Panni x 2

Soft, Bibulous and Washable – easy to clean and dry.

Price: €0.25/Selling €0.43 Vat Inc.


Panni in Cellulosa x 5

Panni in Cellulosa x 5 ( 16 x 20 )

Price: Selling €1.20 PLUS VAT


Soap and Shampoo Small
Soap and Shampoo

Soap bars 12g box of 400
Shampoo Sachets 10ml box of 600

Price: €0.054 each

Shower Cap Small
Shower Cap

Box of 100 or 1000

Price: €0.075

Coccia window cleaner bottle of 750ml

Highly concentrated product for a professional easy cleaning and shining of crystals, mirrors and glass

Price €1.55 + 18% Vat

Sgrease L
SGrease Bottle of 750ml

SGREASE is a disinfectant and degreaser suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with stubborn dirt and grease. It is suitable for all surfaces with hard to remove dirt: on counter tops, in bathrooms, offices, kitchens (ovens, stoves), in cars, etc

Price €2.35 + 18% Vat